The sun sets in the windy city.

Welcome to the first of it’s kind, modern pathfinder. This is a very custom campaign with many tweaks and rule variations. Many will be created on the fly as I tend to DM by the seat of my pants.

Please check the forums as I have created a post to assist with background generation for this world. Any specific class choices are allowed but must show the reasons for in your background:

1. Why your specific class.

2. What brought your character to Chicago.

3. What is the state of your family life?

The background

After the dawn of the 20th century, a lot of the superstition and myths went by the wayside. People started becoming secure in the belief that humans were the only intelligent species on the planet. All but a select few would turn blind eyes to unnatural occurrences, choosing to believe that wild animals were responsible or freak circumstances. They are idiots.

The truth is that the supernatural is still out there hiding in plan sight. Carefully governed by 2 factions (The lawfully good White Council, and the lawful evil Dark Brotherhood) the fey world has blended in, choosing to appear as human, rather than arouse suspicions from the normal, everyday mundane population. Dragons are still around, but are usually more concerned with Bearer bonds these days than real gold. The vampires are more likely to setup shop in brothels, than visit unwitting virgins in the night. There are even support groups for were-kind, “How to tame the inner you!” by Worgen Freeman was all the rage a few years ago.

The two factions hire enforcers, to manage the relations between the Veil and the human world. These enforcers monitor threats to the anonymity of the supernaturals. The enforcers walk about in everyday life, Thugs, Police Officers, Store owners, Soldiers, Charlatans and the real honest-to-Pelar Wizards. These enforcers keep the peace and when necessary track down and eliminate anything that may jeopardize that peace.

After that, take a look at your wiki. There is some more helpful info there

The sun sets in the windy city

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